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I have been using Same day carpet care for the past 3 years and I never had a bad experience! They are always nice friendly and professional, their team is always on time and they always do PERFECT job!

Elad B. – 5 Stars

Excellent service! I called, and true to their name they were able to get me in that same day for carpet cleaning. My puppy has not been good to this carpet (plus it's cheap) and it was time for a cleaning. I had several stains and several spots that my dog kept doing her business on, despite my efforts to immediately clean them. They came a little after the time I had scheduled, but they called when they were on their way over which was very thoughtful and the way you do business. They got right to work AND they were able to repair a portion of the carpet my puppy had chewed up for $50 (which was perfectly fine with me since the carpet cleaning by itself didn't quite meet their minimum fee of $200) AND they fixed this annoying bump in the carpet. All the stains are gone, and for the most part I can't smell any urine residue (trust me, there were some bad areas that only ripping the carpet out will fix). The best thing is my puppy hasn't done her business on the carpet since it was cleaned, so that's a huge improvement! I am so thankful for their service. They got the job done faster than I expected, very professional and the fact that they followed up a week later to see how the carpet is doing speaks volumes. Trust me, it's worth it to go with Same Day Restoration and Cleaning!

Chelsea D. – 5 Stars

Dynamic Duo Strikes Again
Batman and Robin have passed the baton to Phil and James. We needed some serious deep cleaning on the carpet and upholstery from an AFR- accidental fecal release. They were so professional and personable, a difficult balance to strike, and thought of everything. They gave us some booties, some spot remover, and set up my fans with advice on getting things back to normal safely, ie they did the heavy lifting. One doesn't think that this work is so technical, but out came the laser measurement device, green chemistry cleaners, complete sanitation per the above, and all done with a flick of the wrist, as all good caped crusaders will attest. A good team makes it all look easy. This is the second time I've had to call upon this company, and both times they were here in less than an hour, and calling me with an ETA. This is key when granny has to wait for her chair to dry. With gratitude and blessings for the new year!

Shelli C. – 5 Stars

We had a nightmare of a move-in situation where we were originally supposed to have one full day before we moved in to allow for the carpet to dry. Long story short, that didn't happen as planned and we had to call Oscar in a panic to see if anything could be done to get rid of the formidable dog stink in less than 24 hours to allow for dry time. Not only did Oscar have us covered, he was very accommodating and bent over backwards to make sure our needs were met. He also came back for a follow up, for free per the company's guarantee, to do some detail work to knock down the dog stink once and for all. While we plan to replace the carpet in our new home, Oscar worked his magic to turn this smelly carpet from "emergency replace" to "comfortably liveable". Thank you, Oscar, for a job well done!

Nicole D. – 5 Stars

Excellent service by Phil and Calvin. Friendly, informative, and professional. They did a fabulous job on my very dirty and pet stained light colored carpet. Though a couple stubborn spots popped back up the day after, Phil and Calvin returned that day and super treated the areas. No spots, no smell, and to add I am very happy the carpets where dry in just a few hours. I will absolutely use Same Day Restoration and Cleaning again and hope to see Phil and Calvin work their magic on the rest of my house!

JoAnn L. – 5 Stars

We hired Same Day Restoration and Cleaning to clean 3200 sqft of carpet in our office, including 2 staircases. Mike was gracious enough to work on the day after Christmas, arriving late in the afternoon to minimize disturbing staff at work. The work was completed with great attention to detail and heavily soiled areas were appropriately pretreated and stains removed. The day after, when a loose edge of carpet on a bottom step was noticed, Mike was called and able to return the next day to repair. The kind company guarantees its work for 30 days against resurfacing stains, includes a one-time spot cleaning within 6 months of initial steam cleaning and also left a couple complimentary bottles of an eco-friendly cleanser to spot treat small stains that may be created later. Outstanding service.

Cynthia G. – 5 Stars

Had another company clean my carpet first and paid really expensive and I was NOT satisfied at all. The result was so bad it didn't even seemed like it got cleaned. So After an hour I decided to call "Same Day Carpet Care"….just imagine I called them on a Sunday at 11:55am then had someone come over at 1:00pm. Very fast and efficient service. Thank you Mike for cleaning. The result was amazingly done & properly cleaned. Thank you Again. Don't settle to other stupid company's out there people. I ended up paying double. Lesson learned for me.

Raissa G. – 5 Stars

Pacy helped us through some water damage recently that was caused from the unit above ours. As upsetting as it was to see my new condo in need of remediation, Pacy made the experience extremely seamless. He was very friendly and personable, and was very patient and responsive throughout the entire process. I truly value his expertise and diligence, and felt as though I was in great hands. I would certainly recommend this company to anyone going through a water damage issue.

Stacy R. – 5 Stars

Came in on December 9th at 10:11 A.M, took a look at the carpeting, and gave a quote without hemming or hawing. Did the job in less than 2 hours, and the carpet was as clean as it had been when it was first installed. The thing is, schedule a day over 70 degrees because it took longer to dry due to the coolness and humidity in the air. But aside from that little natural bugaboo, I'd recommend them to anyone who needs a carpet cleaned professionally and well.

Clarence C. – 5 Stars

On Saturday after Thanksgiving I called Same Day Restoration for a quote to clean a microfiber sofa and chair. The next day, Mike and Phil showed up promptly for the appointment on a rare rainy Sunday. Mike performed the inspection of the pieces and re-quoted me a lower price! They completed the cleaning right away and even added scotch-guard to the sofa. Everything was completed within 1.5hr and the furniture was left looking new and smelling fresh and clean! I would highly recommend this service to anyone

Melinda S. – 5 Stars

Made an appointment during the week and was able to get the job done that same weekend. Had technicians Mike and Phil come in for repair and carpet cleaning. They did a fantastic job; the damaged carpet patch looks good as new and they both had great attitudes. Definitely would recommend if you need repair and/or cleaning services.

Jason C. – 5 Stars

It may have been a clear sunny day outside, but my new bedroom carpet was riddled with black marks from a bad dress shoe heal. Additionally, I had a 20-year old upholstered chair that looked ready to go curb side. Within 24 hours of calling Same Day, Mike and Sal were onsite and done within 1.5 hours. They did a spectacular job! My carpet was back to being new and my old upholstered chair looks new. If you want fast, high quality service at a reasonable price, Same Day is the one to choose.

Stephen A. – 5 Stars

Exterior porch and carpet are sparking! Arrived promptly and left my home looking beautiful.

Linda E. – 5 Stars

Fantastic job! My first use of Same Day and I cannot wait to unleash them on a couple more of my rentals. The grout and tile were cleaner than the day they were installed.

Aaron B. – 5 Stars

Service was good and quick as well. We had our carpet cleaned once by Same Day Restoration & Cleaning. I like the fact that they could come and take care of the carpet cleaning quickly when we needed it. They showed up on time and did a very good job. They weren't miracle workers, but I would definitely say they did a good job. The price for the value was very good.

Gail D. – 4.5 Stars

Came out great. I had a couple of patches put in with my spare carpet, and also some stains removed that I thought would never come out. It looks great. Thank you.

Maura – 5 Stars

Called and spoke to Keri after reading all the great reviews on Yelp. She was super nice with great customer service. I explained I had a leak and needed a specialized company to come and check for mold as I was selling the house. She advised someone could be there this afternoon (two other companies advised later this week). 2 hours later I received a call from Pacy who advised he was on his way. He assessed the damage and gave me a honest quote. I know this, as my plumber advised the extent of the damage earlier that morning, wasn't too bad. Pacy was knowlegable and respectful (taking shoes off without being asked when coming into my house). He advised what was needed repair and resolved my issue. Great company, highly recommend!

Lance C. – 5 Stars

Used for both carpet cleaning and flood damage restoration.

I have used Same Day Restoration and Cleaning for carpet cleaning of my rental properties for a number of years. They have provided very professional services at a reasonable price. When I had extensive flood damage at two of my apartments I called Pacy at Same Day. I was glad that I did. I had used a major nation-wide remediation company in the past and I much preferred working with Same Day. They provided prompt, personal service at reason rates without all the hassle I experienced from the larger company.

James P. – 5 Stars

Pacy and his staff are professional, dependable, and do great work. Our property management firm uses Same Day for carpet cleaning (they work miracles!), carpet repairs (stretching and patching), as well as dryer vent cleaning. Would highly recommend to property managers or individuals.

Dave – 5 Stars

Same Day Restoration is one of the few stellar companies I have worked with in the past decade. I had a kitchen fire that covered everything in smoke…my clothes, drapes, walls, carpets, and all personal items were effected. I read everywhere that the smell would never come out. The smell was awful and the smoke particles on everything were unhealthy for me and my infant baby. Pacy the owner, came personally to survey the damage only an hour after I called for help. Then, his amazing team Joe and Oscar came to clean every surface of the house, in addition to installing strong HEPA filters to clean the air of smoke particles. They painstakingly and methodically vacuumed and wiped down the house from top to bottom…ceilings, walls, inside drawers and cupboards. Every fork and glass and pen and book was wiped down. I returned home 2.5 days later to a house that smelled cleaner and fresher than it ever has before. They were honest, careful, really sweet and accommodating. Complete integrity from start to finish. I would use Same Day Restoration again in a heartbeat! Thanks Pacy, Joe, and Oscar for a job well done.

Rachel E. – 5 Stars

Great job, quick work and amazing results.

Team showed up on time, was quick to move furniture and even suggested a different type of cleaning to take advantage of the carpet.

Mike C. – 5 Stars

I have a one bedroom rental that was built in 1987. I hadn't touched the floors (saltillo pavers with concrete for grout) other than cleaning in all these years. Last June, between tenants, I called Same Day Restoration to ask what could be done with the floors. They came (later that day) with tools to deep clean and polish the pavers, and then applied a shining compound of some sort. It looks like new!!!

Terry O. – 5 Stars

Got 2 patches and a carpet cleaning today thanks to our 4 month old puppy. Mike and Phil totally exceeded our expectations and did a marvelous job! They were quick and the work is exceptional. You'd never be able to tell our dog ripped our carpet out to the wood after the guys finished up today. I would recommend this company and these gentleman to anyone looking for above par work at a low low price. Thanks guys!

Jessica N. – 5 Stars

I just moved but I was coming from an area where there was construction across the street from my unit for the last 2 years I was there. So much dust/dirt found it's way in our patio, unit and dog paws. Eventually after a year, our couch also saw the misfortunes of all that dust coming in. Our creamed hemp color couch was now part gray.

Now that I've moved, I was looking for a company to try and restore my Gus Modern couch. I spent a lot on this guy so I was willing to look for the best in hopes it could be restored. I had little faith to be honest but I figure might as well try before looking at other options (sell, donate, reupholster)…

I wasn't looking for same day service but as I was yelping couch cleaning services, these guys came up with near perfect reviews. I gave them a ring and they gave me a quote (steep for a couch clean to be honest but more on that later) and had me booked that day.

When the guys came, they were honest and asked if I had anything else that needed to be cleaned because they have a minimum of $200 for this job and the couch was small so they said they would have time for something else. I didn't have anything else so what they did was upgrade my service to include the fabric/fiber protection to it.

So all in all, I paid $250 which was quoted on the phone (extra $50 for a portable unit since I'm on the 3rd floor) but the guys did extra work on the couch which was great. Because they guarantee their work, the price I think is justified, especially when I'm trying to save this couch.

After they were done, it was hard to really tell how much was salvaged because the couch was obviously wet so if there was any dirt left it would have blended in. He told me once it dries and it still looks dirty to give them a call.

I waited a few days to make sure it was absolutely dry. I noticed parts of the couch were back to new, I was like WHOA. But there were also parts of the couch that had some streaks of dirt still left, probably because it was hard to tell where to go over when it was wet.

I called and it was no problem setting up another appointment to re-clean those areas free of charge (same day too). So this is where my $250 was going. Not just towards excellent service, but guaranteed cleaning too.

After the second cleaning this couch looks brand spanking new. I'm really freakin' happy. I wish I took a before photo but to be honesty was pretty embarrassed to even take it lol.

This company is legit, efficient and worth the money. Will refer them to friends and family and will definitely use them again.

Mikee C. – 5 Stars

Just used Same Day for the first time to clean my vacant apartment; I was really impressed. I found them here on Yelp and from the reviews, decided to try them. The front office lady was polite and very helpful (Keri I believe) when I called asking questions. The that arrived, Oscar & Joe, we pleasant and courteous to work with. They were even earlier which helped with my plans for the day!!!! I highly recommend them and will use them again

Richard L. – 5 Stars

I'm a petite single mother of two little ones, and despite vacuuming after every meal, using cleaning products (expensive, enzyme destroying stuff) i still had lots of stains on my carpet- and my parents were visiting today! yikes! CALVIN and PHIL came to our rescue…I called around 8:45 am, and a few hours later they were already moving things and getting to work (the courtesy call PHIL gave was so helpful. I can be very forgetful, and they were so understanding). Whoa.

On top of that, PHIL answered my questions about vacuuming and how to maintain my personal vacuum.

The estimate was right on track- no bait and switches that a lot of companies do (especially when you're in a time-sensitive situation). They were both very friendly, professional and accommodating.

Roxanne H. – 5 Stars

I moved into my condo about 3.5 years ago, and there was this large, dark, unsightly stained area on my carpet that I couldn't remove using a carpet cleaner machine I rented from Home Depot, and carpet stain removal products didn't do squat. Consequently, this stain greeted me every morning when I woke up and in the evenings when I returned from work. After 3.5 years, I finally got fed up and called on Same Day Restoration & Cleaning to go ahead and clean all of the carpet throughout the condo.

Upon contacting them, Kimberly reached out and presented me with different cleaning options. I sprung for the Deluxe package and coordinated with Keri for a cleaning time on the weekend. Mike and Phil arrived on time on Sunday as scheduled, and they quickly, efficiently, and professionally moved my furniture out of the way and found a way to connect the power cleaning instruments from their van to my second-story condo unit. I left the unit while they carried out the work, and when I returned, the ugly stain was completely gone, and my carpets look like clean, new, and bright!

I couldn't be more pleased with the results!

Steve D. – 5 Stars

Excellent service for in Condo cleaning.

Have used Same Day three time and get timely high quality cleaning of rugs in our condo. Have also had two oriental rugs taken out for deep cleaning with great results.

Charles L. – 5 Stars

Excellent Job!

Hello, We have a very large house (over 4000 sq ft) and the carpet is old. We prepared the house to be rented ; and it is now, nicely. I am grateful for the fine job these people did on our carpets. When people came to look at the prospective rental, we were confident because among other things, the big house smelled clean and fresh after the carpet cleaning. Thanks for their fine work!

Linda K. – 5 Stars

They came immediately! Good communication.

Very responsive, good communication with all involved, reasonable prices and very trustworthy. I will definitely use this company again next time one of our 57 vacation rentals has a flooding problem.

Nancy – 5 Stars

I found Same Day Restoration & Cleaning through a search on Yelp. I hired them to clean an upholstered bed. They really did a good job. I was happy with the job they did. I would recommend them to other people. Also, I would use them again.

R. A. – 5 Stars

They showed up on time and were very friendly! I have a hyper little dog that can potentially bother people but they were great with him. They cleaned and re-sealed our entire kitchen stone floor and deep cleaned two area rugs within a few hours. (Both were difficult and pretty dirty). After their new sealant, the kitchen,(un-even stone), has been Soo much easier to clean! I'm just mad that I did not call them sooner!!

Tara C. – 5 Stars

Prompt and Professional

The technician called before arrival, even though they were going to arrive on time. They went over areas, made recommendations on optional services (were not pushy about it) and performed service promptly with no issues.

Claudio B. – 5 Stars

These guys were awesome! We have two dogs and two kids and they got out some stains that I didn't think would come out of our carpet. They were thorough and helped me clear some furniture before they started. The carpet took about 8 hours to fully dry, but it was clean. Definitely worth it and I will be using them again.

Dylan J.

Okay once again these guys blow me away! We have a new house, new rugs, and new issues. First, they were concerned about OUR schedule. They came over, not -to-early, the morning of Memorial Day!! They did it in the AM so we would have the rest of the day to enjoy. Unbelievable. Of course I wouldn't bother writing this if they didn't do a great job. Where to begin? We have several rugs/ carpets, but can't have them all cleaned at the same time. They gave me an estimate over the phone. When they arrived, rather than try to up-sell us, they explained issues that might affect the cleaning. As a result of talking with them, we decided to reduce our order. Something they didn't mind at all. They proceeded to take careful color samples to ensure several very different types of rug/ carpet (silk rug, pilling wool rug, and stair runner) could be cleaned safely. Probably goes without saying that they did clean safely, and did a fantastic job. The price was surprising, in a good way 😉 I found these guys on Yelp and other review sites. Love their work, prices, attitude, and, most importantly, the rugs look great. It's like finding an honest auto mechanic. If we do, hang on like grim death. Haha.

William A.

I am very pleased with Same Day Carpet Care's service. I was quoted a price when I called to schedule a visit and at no time was there an attempt to upsell. Pacy called to let me know he was on his way and arrived promptly at the scheduled time. He was very professional and outgoing. I have older carpet that eventually needs replacing, but with this cleaning, I can squeeze a bit more life out of them. I will definitely use them for future cleanings. Two thumbs up! Thanks for the great job.

Katherine S.

Having had my carpet cleaned the day before by a uniquely awful competitor, with mother in law already at the airport in MN, I called them in a panic, hoping I could get a quick cleaning. Sam and David showed up a couple hours later and ROCKED. My ten year old carpet (admittedly, a really nice Berber) looked brand new, which is pretty amazing given the number of kids that tramp through the house. They even were able to remove a theoretically unremovable stain (curse you, Mad Science). They were courteous, thorough and very good at what they do. I was really thrilled with the level of expertise…all I wanted was a quick clean, and I assumed spots would re-appear as they so often do, but 6 weeks later it still looks great. Don't let the SAME DAY lead you into thinking they're in it for a quick buck. They're just excellent AND fast.

Leah N.

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