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Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning San Diego

Area Rug Cleaning

Rugs give any room a bold and beautiful accent; however, over the years, they tend to lose their aesthetic value because of the daily stains they have to endure. Just like your carpet, rugs will not be thoroughly cleaned by vacuum alone. Rugs attract as many stains as your carpet, and they set in and become very difficult to remove. Our technicians at Same Day Carpet Care are able to treat your rug and bring back it's vibrancy through a deep cleaning. Learn more about our rug cleaning process or contact us to schedule an appointment!

Rugs are used to tie the room together, adding some flavor to the style of your home or office. Just like your carpet, they attract stains daily, and regular vacuuming just won't do the job completely. At Same Day Carpet Care, our qualified technicians will give your rugs a deep cleaning without disturbing the material it's made out of. We'll lift the dirt, debris, and stains from your carpet, making it look like new. We're experienced in cleaning a variety of fibers, including wool, cotton, jute, and silk.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

We know that all rugs aren't made the same, and all have a different history, which is why we'll inspect your rug carefully to personalize the rug cleaning. Next, we'll proceed with a pre-cleaning to lift loose dirt and debris off the rug. There are many woven and knotted rugs that carry an abundance of dirt and soil, and we have different ways of lifting the dirt off. Usually, our pile lifter will be the tool of choice to carefully, but effectively, remove the dirt and soil.

A special pre-treatment will be used on the rug, highlighting the tough spot-stains that need that extra attention. After that, we'll use a shampoo for thorough cleaning that's also made specifically to protect fibers; once it's applied and set in, we'll rinse it away along with the stains. We'll then dry the carpet properly to avoid shrinkage, and inspect after for quality assurance.

Ideal Rug Care

It's recommended to rotate your rug every year to extend it's life span and aesthetic appeal. This will help it wear down evenly, so that no particular spot is more heavily soiled than any other spot. In addition, you should also make it a habit to vacuum your carpet on a weekly basis, and immediately following any social gatherings in your home. For further protection, the purchase of a quality pad to place beneath your rug will help protect it from dirt and soil.

Regular rug cleaning is essential, but it just isn't enough. Same Day Carpet Care is able to give your rugs the deep clean that it needs. To schedule an appointment, please contact us at your convenience.

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Ideal Rug Cleaning

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