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Water Damage Restoration Process Steps

Same Day - Water Damage Restoration Process Steps

There are multiple situations that can result in water damage to your home or business. Some common causes of water damage are slab leaks, broken refrigerator ice maker lines, dishwasher/sink/bath overflows and sewage backups.

Within hours, the water can soak into the drywall, floor, cabinets, ceiling and saturate these materials. Within days, the water will “degrade” from microbial growth, resulting in added time and expense to remediate damage.

Same Day Restoration and Cleaning is an industry leader in water damage restoration. We bring 13 years of expertise and experience to be able to respond quickly and restore your home or business as soon as possible.

Steps of Water Damage Restoration

  1. Emergency Contact: As soon as we get a call from you, our representative will ask some quick questions to expedite our response. ( We provide service 24*7*365, so please call us anytime!)
  2. Team Deployment: As soon as the call ends, a certified Water Remediation Technician is deployed to your location with the necessary equipment to stabilize your situation.
  3. Water Damage Assessment: First, the inspecting technician will determine the category of water loss. The technician will use a moisture meter and infrared camera to find water that may not be visible and may be vulnerable to microbial growth.

  4. Water Extraction: If necessary, the team will use a high power truck-mounted extraction system to remove standing water. As the water is removed from your property, Same Day technicians use the latest equipment to remove water that cannot be reached through pumps and our extraction wand. Our technicians start this process as soon as possible to avoid further damage and risk.

  5. Protection and Setup: Once the water damaged areas are identified, our team places a protection over the undamaged floors and surfaces. After protecting these areas, our team sets up equipment to begin the drying process.

  6. Drying and Dehumidification: Once the water removal process is complete, the Same Day Restoration team sets ups the drying equipment for fast drying of structural framing. Dehumidifiers are used to ensure the air is free from excessive moisture that is caused by the evaporation process.

    During the drying process, our professionals will monitor the equipment and make any adjustments needed to ensure that all structures are dry.

  7. Insurance: After drying is complete and unsalvageable materials have been removed, we call the insurance agent for a walk through and estimate of the repairs. Once the repair estimate is finalized, we can begin the repair work.
  8. Repair
    The Same Day Restoration and Cleaning team will install insulation and hang drywall where needed.

    Once all drywall seams are taped and finished, we apply a layer of primer on the drywall so that paint does not soak into it. (This service is performed upon request.)

    Our professionals can texture the drywall so that it matches the rest of the walls.

    Same Day professionals can match some complex patterns, such as orange peel texture, knockdown texture, popcorn texture, skip trowel, smooth texture, and the level 5 super smooth texture. Faux painting is one of our specialties!

    Same Day Restoration and Cleaning does have the full-time painters and drywallers. Sometimes we utilize sub-contractors when we are working on large or specialty projects. All employees, as well as sub-contractor professionals, are licensed and bonded under Same Day Restoration and Cleaning.
  9. Replacement: After the walls are complete, replacement of the flooring takes place. We can work with flooring options such as carpet, tile, wood, laminate, and vinyl plank flooring. Our team will also paint and install baseboards.
  10. Remodeling: Upon owner request, we provide a full remodeling of countertops and cabinets.

    Same Day Restoration and Cleaning strives to be as transparent as possible while working in your home or business. We will not make false promises or surprise you with hidden charges. Our technicians are all background checked and fully insured under Same Day Restoration and Cleaning.

    Experience the difference for yourself. Call us at 858 240-4616 .

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